Diversion is a concept of what the modern day cycling club and race team could look like. It is the act of deviating from the everyday path and embracing the unexpected.

We aim to grow the sport in the Pacific Northwest by balancing performance and fun, while promoting uniqueness and self-expression. We offer a form of amusement that provides temporary distraction and lasting enjoyment. We emphasize the joy of riding in all forms, and are committed to community engagement through nurturing a culture of respect, teamwork, and progression. We aim to inspire, empower, and make a positive impact both on and off the bike. We strive to be responsible stewards of the environment, minimizing our impact and raising awareness about the importance of protecting the beautiful landscapes we get to ride in everyday.

Rides & Events

  • Weekly Club Rides

    The weekly club ride runs out of the shop throughout the spring and summer months. With two groups going out, ranging from a casual pace to a bit more spice, the club ride is something all members look forward to throughout the week.

    Location: departing from Enroute.

  • Weekly Women's Rides

    Rides for females cyclists. Our womens rides welcome all women to get out and enjoy great rides with great people. Once a week throughout the summer months, expect a fun, safe, introductory ride when you can connect with other female cyclists.

    Location: departing from Enroute.

  • DV Racing

    Competing in both road and off-road events throughout the Vancouver area and abroad, the DV race team brings an element of fun to anywhere we pin a number on and take to the start line.

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